Kerkaborum Furmint 2008

Let me introduce you today one of my favourite furmints, that I also hold representative of the furmint grape itself. The wine is made by Kerkaborum in Csörnyeföld of Southern Zala. Kerkaborum is a small winery run by 3 friends, two of whom also have their well-respected own operations. Furmint and hárslevelű varieties were planted in 2004, cuttings arrived from Tokaj, and the first vintage was in 2006.

This furmint wine spent 11 months in used, 500 liter oak barrels, and has an alcohol of 13.5%. Nine thousand bottles were made, it is available here at ca. 6 EUR.

Lemon colour, with a typical furmint nose of ripe pear, some petrol, and a bit of citrus fruit. (They say the riper the furmint grape gets, the more petrol appears.)  It is intensive and friuty in a clear and easy-to-understand, characteristic format. It is also intensive on the palate, with a full body, ripe acids, and the same typical fruitiness. Thick, compact and well-made, a wine for the everyday hedonist living inside.

A wine to enjoy, to gulp down, any time, any day, be it with friends, food, or just your thoughts. Pretty basic, no extras, but no missteps either, pure enjoyment, at least for me. If we just had the same entry level wine for 6 EUR everywhere. With 84 points this is an easy to drink wine, and also a good introduction to furmint. I also think it will also age as a typical furmint for a few years, but I just do not see any reasons to wait here.

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2 Responses to Kerkaborum Furmint 2008

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  2. IWAS says:

    Bussay Csörnyeföldi Szürkebarát 2007. This Pinot gris has moderately intense pear, cantaloup, chamomile and acacia flower aromas. On the palate it is primarily fruity (pears and white-peaches). Nice acids. Medium-plus finish with the above fruits and some herbaceous notes. Medium bodied, balanced, shows above average complexity. 84 points, available in almost every supermarket and wine shop in Hungary (costs about €8).

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