Gere Attila Solus 2006

The first Hungarian cult wine, a prestige merlot from Villány, coming from the winery of Attila Gere. A long time personal favourite, due to my passion for merlot, and also for this particular wine. The latest vintage on the market is 2007, with 2008 just about to make its debut.

Deep ruby with a thin rim of garnet, and a blockbuster nose. Roast coffee, a very nice, rich smell of the freshly roasted coffee beans this time, pretty much a trademark note for the top Gere wines. A fruit bomb carefully composed from raspberry, blackberry and blueberry, operating at top heat, but still nothing jammy, baked or boiled, just pure ripe fruit. This is why I love this wine. A true hedonist wine, that compares best with Tuscany.

Ripe acidity and well-integrated tannins are balancing a high alcohol (15% abv), lots of fruit are coming through on the palate, too.

She is on her way turning into the beautiful butterfly we are used to, but she is still lacking on the complexity its predecessors were able to achieve. I think I shall try my next bottle in 2-3 years, it should get pretty close to the tops I know.  At 92 points I might slightly underrate her now, but I do expect more, and expectations are high anyway. A great, concentrated, pure fruit merlot, yet a bit one-dimensional at the moment, if I may say that. Sunshine from Tuscany Villány.

Do decant, let it breathe, drink 18-20 Celsius.

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