Homonna Furmint 2008, Határi vinyard

Attila Homonna is a young, talented, and by now a highly renowned winemaker in Erdőbénye, north of Tokaj. Ha gained international experience in several European cellars. He follows his insticts in the actual process of creating his wines. He is also working as a consultant to several other Tokaj wineries. His top wine comes from the Határi vineyard, it is sourced from very old, traditional, small berry furmint clones.

A pale lemon hue, nearly as pale as a champagne. Sweet apples, a bit of yeast and bread on the nose. A touch of white flowers. Reserved, but elegant at the same time. A great structure at first, hard and chewy on the palate, but it feels surprisingly thin for me at the core. A good amount of acids vibrate lightly, but still, the wine seems to be a bit lazy. Alcohol is medium. 89 points altogether. A reserved, well composed wine in a style that is said to be typical rather for France, than for Hungary. Attila Homonna started high, and still has time, and a lot of upside.

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