Homonna Furmint 2007, Határi vinyard

The older brother of the previous wine, very similar, but still with more power, a bit more impulsive acids. Also more tasty, but still not as relevatory for me, as for lots of Hungarian tasters. I still have a long way to go, but Mr. Homonna is someone to keep an eye on. Interesting to note, that while I clearly preferred this wine to the previous one, their score is still the same, probably because both of them are within a cat’s whiskers to bring the door down on me.

Medium lemon hue, a reserved nose of vanilla, apples, radiating coolness. Pretty big, even expansive in the mouth, but still slightly watery and thin at the same time.

A puritan, straight and uncomplicated taste of apples, with a bit of sourness, but well composed and balanced. There is much more to the palate than to the nose. This vintage is a bit idle in the mouth, too, no racy acids here, but still nice to drink. Some people like it more than I do, at the moment I am rather willing to recognize the good work, and the fine style of the wine for 89 points. A refreshing apparition in the Tokaj countryside from a pioneering winemaker, but it fails to breach the 90 points barrier for me at the moment.

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