Vesztergombi József Kadarka 2008

The lesser-known of the Vesztergombis of Szekszárd is József, bottling his wines under the label “Remete-bor“. Despite a quiet marketing, he is known for making lean, natural, and beautiful varietal wines that you immediately find wanted in the Szekszárd landscape. His kadarka is one of my favourites with that of Mr. Heimann. Both are simple, natural and typical fruity-spicy wines for the variety, and they do not try to look more than what they are. This should be the base level countrywide, I think, but it will take some time.

Cherry red, with a clean nose of cherry and red peppers, nutmeg, aniseed, and a bit of raspberry. A lean, but firm medium body with little tannins, medium alcohol. Easy to drink, also nice to drink, dominated by its spices. This is kadarka. I really enjoy it, it is a faultless kadarka for sure, even if it comes without any extra/special curves. (That is when things get out of control with pinot & kadarka.) 85 points, any less would be unfair, I am sure. Well, more could still be fair.

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2 Responses to Vesztergombi József Kadarka 2008

  1. It’s funny, it’s also one of our favourites 🙂
    That’s what they call similar taste?

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