Szepsy Furmint 2008, Thurzó vineyard

This special bottling has been reserved for the Imola Udvarház mansion & wine restaurant in Eger. The Thurzó vineyard is of historic fame, and also highly rated by some Hungarian experts, but I never managed to get hold of any bottles sourced from this plot. The only wine I ever heard about is that of Mr. Szepsy, but it has never been commercially released probably due to the small, 0,4 ha size of the plot.

Szepsy Furmint 2008, Thurzo vineyardGolden hue, and a warm, friendly nose. Definitely a furmint, but still not a typical furmint. Pear peels, apple peels, and some hard, green pear care for the fruit section, they are supplemented by a touch of light, but ripe sweetish-vegetal note. (Mom suggests horseraddish, well, it is not too far from kohlrabi, anyway.) White flowers. Undeniable from the Szepsy winery, if you tried any of their furmints.
Round, ripe, but firm acidity on the palate, thick, but well balanced material, with medium alcohol. Apples, citrus fruits, with a bit of young, hard, semi-ripe apricots. It is ready to drink, in its prime now, and there is no need to lay it for long, despite the fact that it will last. 91 points, very much like the St Thomas last time – just with a different character for a different vineyard.

Now I see why some people love this furmint – it also captured me, I am placing it with Úrágya and Nyúlászó of the Szepsy furmints.  They are my favourites for their warm & friendly style. Thurzó rulez, at least for me, the flagship vineyards still being St Thomas & Urbán for the winery.

(This wine surprised me by not requiring any aeration, and showed no signs of sulphur at all. It came with vino-lock, getting more and more popular these days. It was a family present, and it is only available at the Imola Udvarház in Eger. Find their wine list here.)

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