About me

Hi there,

my name is Andras Babucs, I am a Hungarian wine enthusiast, and I decided to launch a blog on Hungarian wines, so that anyone interested may get easily started with this topic.

We taste a lot of wines, lots of them come from abroad, and rely heavily on wine blogs, wine journals, Cellar Tracker references on the Internet. All this information is free, just as the best things on the Internet are freely available. So this effort is mostly about giving something back to the international wine tasting community.

The blog is planned to reflect my personal opinion on the wine regions, winemaking styles, and the actual wines of Hungary. I aim this blog at the non-Hungarian wine lovers of the world, so I plan to introduce the top brands of Hungarian wines, so that anyone can pick his choice for an international comparative tasting. I also plan to cover the best of fine wines available on the local market so that anyone visiting Hungary can make a reasonable choice on what to taste, or just simply take a shortcut.

As I recognize that different people have different palates, I understand that other tasters may have a different opinion from mine, but I think there is still a great amount of factual information that may be shared. These include the quality of the wines, the international benchmarks they compare with, the leading brands at a certain moment, and the most recognized producers of the regions.

I plan to score the wines according to Robert Parker’s system, as I consider this system to be the widely in use across the whole world.

More and more reviews appear on Hungarian wines in the international wine press, I will try to refer to them whenever possible.

There are plenty of wine blogs in Hungary, but very few are available in English, this being probably the only one I am aware of. I consider The Educated Alcoholist (The Ed Alc) the top Hungarian wine reference – but any online translation service may give you a wealth of information these days…

They score wines in a 10 point system, and this is a relatively popular rating system in Hungary, I give you a translation of their introductory post on scoring here, with a possible translation to the 100-point system here.

2 Responses to About me

  1. Roberta says:

    I really like your initiative to write about Hungarian wine. I’m also passionate about Hungary and Hungarian wine, my site is visitbudapest.travel. I’d love to get in touch with you directly, perhaps we can work together… Please, e-mail me.

  2. David says:

    I like your blog! Please contact me to have a little talk about wines!
    Thanks in advance!

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