Search the Purple Pages by Jancis Robinson for ‘Hungary’, also with loads of free content. A recent guide on some current wines she liked, plus a general description to start with.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Winelibrary TV on some sweet dessert wines, a secret 4-pack tasting, and on pinot gris. Also on a kadarka here.

Caroline Gilby on Hungarian reds in a short column in Decanter.

Jamie Goode’s Wineanorak on Hungary.

You can find the webpage of the official wine marketing body of Hungary here.

The Polish Wine Guide by Wojciech Bonkowski provides a regular coverage on Hungarian wines. He is also a regular guest posting on the EdAlc.

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  1. IWAS says:

    Isabelle Legeron’s video report (published in Travel Channel’s “Journey into wine” series) on Hungarian wines:

  2. IWAS says:

    My pleasure. This blog is a very modest beginning but it was high time to start something, especially that some Hungarian wines do deserve the attention of the wine world. Here’s another link:

  3. IWAS says:

    Another one (Gary tastes two dry Tokaji Furmints):

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